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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Split in a Landmark Tribal-Corporate Partnership?

We've given a number of presentations in the last several months on economic trends in Indian gaming. One trend that we discuss is the increase in tribal-corporate partnerships -- tribes partnering with Marriott, Harrahs, Radisson, and other hotel, resort, casino, entertainment, and restaurant companies. One of the biggest examples is the new MGM Grand at Foxwoods. But a Connecticut media outlet is reporting on a possible split between the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and MGM Grand.

Why the rumor of a split? According to the article, a new Foxwoods brochure depicts the
MGM Grand tower without "MGM Grand" on it:

In a graphic on the brochure's cover, Foxwoods Resort Casino and the adjacent MGM Grand tower, both owned by the Mashantuckets, rise up out of the woods. Missing from the top of the tower's face is the distinctive “MGM GRAND” lettering and the MGM lion's head logo installed there in December 2007.

The article also reports that both the tribe and MGM Grand deny the rumored split.

Read more here:
At Foxwoods MGM Grand, a sign of changes ahead?

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