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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Will All Tribal Gaming Be Hit Hard by the Recession?

As we've discussed in prior posts, the economic downturn has caught up with the legalized gambling industry as consumers are spending less on things like entertainment.

And the Indian gaming industry has not been immune, as some tribal casinos have laid off workers or cut back on hours.

But will more modest tribal gaming operations feel the same consumer "pull back" as the large, Las Vegas-style casino resorts?

We predict that more "local" tribal casinos -- those that draw their relatively modest customer bases from nearby mid-size communities -- may see less of a drop in patronage than the bigger casinos that rely more on out-of-state tourists.

Why? Well, it's one thing to commit to a weekend trip to Foxwoods, where a customer might budget for $1000 or more in gambling money, plus hotel and meals. It's something else to decide not to give up your weekly evening of gambling at a more modest tribal casino, followed by an inexpensive dinner at the buffet.

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