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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Indian Gaming and the Economy

Economist Alan Meister, author of the Indian Gaming Industry Report, says that Indian gaming growth has slowed in recent years.

Because of the current recession, there is short-term uncertainty at least through 2009, he predicts. Long-term uncertainty, says Meister, is caused less by the economic climate and more by the legal and political climates. Non-market factors, such as legal challenges, or proposed or new regulations and statutes, can have the effect of slowing the industry's growth. Additionally, points out Meister, increased competition from the expansion of tribal gaming or other legalized gaming could slow market growth or even saturate the market. (We've been working with Alan on a forthcoming article titled, "Indian Gaming and Beyond: Tribal Economic Development and Diversification.")

Find information on the Indian Gaming Industry Report here. We'll again be posting on the impacts of the recession on tribal gaming shortly.



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