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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gambling Law Symposium at Drake

On September 12, we participated in the Gambling Law Symposium at Drake University Law School, co-sponsored by the International Masters of Gaming Law . As is typical for IMGL events, the symposium was packed with highly interesting and useful information, both from the "view from 36,000 feet" of academics and the "on the ground" perspective of gaming law practitioners and regulators. We gave a presentation on 20 years of Indian gaming under IGRA, including where we've been and where we seem to be going in the next 20 years. The lineup of speakers also included:

Attorney Heidi Staudenmaier on "Enforceability of Tribal Court Judgments and Related Issues in Light of the Pending Billion Dollar Judgment Against Harrah's in the Mohawk Tribal Court"

Law professor I. Nelson Rose on "Implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act"

Attorney Sean McGuinness on "The Ethical Challenges of Representing Gaming Clients"

Panel discussion on the Iowa Smokefree Air Act and its impact on casinos (and a pending lawsuit challenging the same), with Jack Ketterer, the Administrator for the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission, Matt Gannon, an Assistant Attorney General for Iowa, Joe Massa, the General Manager for Riverside Casino and Golf Resorts, and George Eichorn, the attorney behind the challenge to the Act

Attorney and gambling law expert Tony Cabot on "What Is Gambling Under the Law?"

Public administration professor Bill Thompson on "Gambling Law and Regulation in Ireland"

Attorney Dennis Whittlesey on "Indian Gaming at the Crossroads"

Mathematics professor Bob Hannum on "Poker and the Law"

Attorney Ben Hayes on "The Business of Betting: A Unified Interpretation of Federal Gambling Laws"

Look for a special symposium issue of the Drake Law Review for forthcoming articles by the symposium presenters.

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